Plasma display at Luton Airport shows Windows BSOD Makes no sense to have a license to Mordor for each of the hundreds of plasma displays at Luton Airport. It sparked a conversation with my stepson about why it was chosen: presumably because the devs didn't know anything else than Windows, they will spend the rest of their working life acting as agents for Microsoft. This is the fruit of the Jesuit priest Ballmer's creed of "give me a developer until he has 7 months in the industry and I will give you a Microsoft Trained Monkey". Using the same or cheaper hardware, an embedded Linux implementation would have had at least the same performance and much more flexibility. Ogg Matroska is a patent-free high quality video solution that plays back out of the box on Fedora for example. And if you wanted a hundred or a thousand displays your software licensing costs would stay at exactly $0.