Yahoeuvre was a PHP project to capture and enhance the Yahoo boards related to the SCOG attack on Linux. It lasted a good couple of years, but today Yahoo have changed the format of their boards. It would require a fair amount of work to change the monitoring software to support the new format. Up until about 18 months ago Yahoeuvre served post content in various ways, including NNTP and email, provided full thread content on one page and so on. Somebody chose to complain about their content, freely visible and downloadable from Yahoo, being served additionally (unchanged) by Yahoeuvre, and I took all the content re-serving down and stopped visiting the forum myself (which was previously pretty addictive to me). It was still useful as a full-text search and archive of post actions by nyms, but it's not worth the effort to me to bring it into line. The sources are GPL'd and downloadable from the old site if someone else wants to try, but I'm not too sure how useful the mix of features chosen to complement the old board, with its limited threading support, are with the new board.